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Back Light

  • BL-CDW backlight stage

    BL-CDW backlight stage

    The BL-CDW backlight stage features bright field and dark field illumination for use with Dino-Lite handheld microscopes. Under Bright Field Mode, the complete form and structure of a specimen is vividly presented as lights propagate in parallel,...

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  • BL-ZW1R


    TypBacklight stage polarizer (+ attachment adapter for MS35B/MS36B/RK-10A) designed for use with polarizing model microscopes (AM4113ZT, AM4113ZTS, AM5212NZT or AM4115ZT etc). The "R" variant includes an attachment adapter to connect the backlight stage...

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  • MS43L Supplemental spot light or back light

    MS43L Supplemental spot light or back light

    Supplemental spot light or back light designed for use with Dino-Lite microscopes to help when additional lighting will help you achieve the highest quality imaging results. This easy to use spot light that doubles as a back-light comes with a base to...

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  • MSAK812


    This simple attachment accessory is able to clamp to a variety of bases including the MS35B, MS36B, MS35T and RK-10A. The MSAK812 can firmly secure two LED lights for aided viewing. Product comes with a USB hub that has 4 ports which can be used for the...

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  • MSAK826W


    Photo box for premium image capture when lighting and color matters and is designed for image capture for numismatics and jewelry. Includes an 8" LED light bar. This stand allows you to place the Dino-Lite outside of the box and view from the open slot...

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  • N3C-R Light Ring Attachment

    N3C-R Light Ring Attachment

      In most macro observation, a ring light may help to reveal more details by generating shadow-less illumination. Working seamlessly with the Dino-Lite Edge series, the N3C-R front cap is a unique and the simplest solution designed to provide...

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  • SL-ZW1 articulating USB powered light

    The SL-ZW1 is not your ordinary articulating USB powered light. The SL-ZW1 is a polarized USB powered LED light that can be used with polarized Dino-Lite models. With a simple rotation, you can adjust the amount of polarized illumination required for the...

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