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  • BL-CDW backlight stage

    BL-CDW backlight stage

    The BL-CDW backlight stage features bright field and dark field illumination for use with Dino-Lite handheld microscopes. Under Bright Field Mode, the complete form and structure of a specimen is vividly presented as lights propagate in parallel,...

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  • MS08B

    The MS08B is a compact portable, sturdy stand that comes with the HD-P1 holster. The compact design is great for travelers or users with limited space, providing a stable base and adjustable height up to 5.7" (14.5cm). Specifications Warranty...

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  • MS09B stand

    The MS09B brings you a similar table top type of design concept as the MS35B stand in a smaller more portable setup that uses a flat or horseshoe base. Because of its miniature size this stand will take up much less space when you need to minimize space...

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  • MS09B-S


    The MS09B-S is a variant on the popular MS09B stand with a smaller base designed to help with handheld use. This version is designed for specialized viewing in medical or veterinarian applications or quick inspection where the smaller base can be out...

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  • MS10B Articulating three-arm stand

    MS10B Articulating three-arm stand

    Articulating three-arm stand. This stand can be used on all types of surfaces as a tripod with its articulating arms, can be positioned in your desired angle or can be wrapped around a post or pole for great portability and versatile usage...

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  • MS11B Portable Stand

    MS11B Stable mobile tripod tabletop stand that is an optimal choice for horizontal camera setup. This model MS11B can be adjusted in height, rotate for desired viewing, and the holster pivots or bows up and down for more viewing options. Because...

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  • MS15X-S2


    Multifunctional XY movement and rotational base designed for use with all sorts applications including inspection providing fine movement with X and Y axis. The travel on the XY Base is as follows: X axis allows for 1.5″ and the Y axis allows for 1...

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  • MS16D


    Subject holder designed to securely hold and position smaller sized objects for detailed inspection. DETAILS Subject holder designed to securely hold and position smaller sized objects for detailed inspection. This holder can be used directly attached...

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  • MS23B Stand- Articulating clamp stand, black

    MS23B Stand- Articulating clamp stand, black

    Articulating clamp stand. This clamp allows optimum viewing angles and uses minimal desk space while attached to any desktop or workspace area. The MS23B is a sturdy clamp suitable for desk thickness up to 3 /4 ” and the flex arm extends 14 inches...

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  • MS33A


    MS33A is a fully adjustable articulating arm designed for Dino-Lite microscope cameras. The articulating arm can be handled and adjusted simply with one hand with the single knob locking mechanism which when tightened will hold the Dino-Lite in the...

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